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Friday, November 21st, 2014


Created, designed by and filmed by The Bank, our inspirational Neff Cookaholics ‘welcome’ trailer on YouTube – entitled Home Of The Cookaholics – has reached the milestone of a remarkable 500,000 views within its first three weeks of going online.

Viewing figures for the short film – which introduces YouTube viewers to the newly revamped Neff Bake It Yourself channel – continue to grow upwards of half a million and is expected to reach one million by December.

Given the challenging task of creating content to inspire, delight and capture the attention of keen foodies, YouTube browsers and our growing community of Neff Cookaholics, The Bank set about storyboarding a welcome video to give a glimpse into the life of a Cookaholic while also celebrating Neff Slide&Hide® ovens.

Neff Cookaholics don’t just cook, they create. They go one step further, just like Abbie does – she could just make a gingerbread house, but she prefers to bake an entire village, complete with cars, dogs, houses and people. Cookaholics don’t just love to bake, they live to bake.

With a tight schedule, The Bank film department embraced the challenge, creating a Cookaholics brand world and following Abbie for a day in her London neighbourhood.

Our Home Of The Cookaholics film continues to gain viewers, as well as subscribers, to the channel. As well as the welcome film, YouTube viewers are also discovering other Bank created and produced videos on the channel, including step-by-step recipe guides and Meet The Cookaholics short films.

Join The Bank in celebrating Cookaholics