The Bank launch bowel cancer campaign for Cancer Research UK

05 Jan 2017

The Bank is proud to announce our latest print and TV campaign for Cancer Research UK to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer in the UK. Bowel cancer is the second biggest killer in the UK but if detected early, before symptoms appear, it is much easier to treat and there is a much better chance of surviving it.  

In the UK, all GP registered 60-74 year old men and women receive a free NHS bowel cancer home testing kit every two years. This kit is vital in helping to detect the disease early before symptoms appear. Yet there’s very little awareness around the importance of using this simple yet life saving home kit. We worked in close partnership with the NHS and Public Health England to educate people about the disease and encourage more people to take the test at home – even when they show no signs and feel fit and healthy – and reduce the number of lives lost to bowel cancer. 

It was a truly eye opening and humbling project that we sincerely hope can help make a difference.