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Wallpaper animation – DQ Vodka

The vodka market is growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s an ultra-crowded and ultra-competitive segment, driven primarily by premium and super-premium products. Our challenge was to find a way to differentiate this product from the crowd.

While respecting the most important advertising codes of the category, it was clear we needed to take DQ communications to the next level – beyond simple educational advertising or empty aspirational imagery.

Our positioning ‘Life undiluted’ linked the brands ethos with the luxury desires of consumers. It was the point of convergence between company, brand, product truths and consumer, category and cultural realities.

‘Life undiluted’ is a rallying call for millions of super premium vodka drinkers who are tiring of the increasingly shallow, overly manufactured and aggressively marketed nature of vodka brands. It’s a motivating and modern antidote to all the bland promises, bland images, and pretty but bland bottles.

The specially animated film above was presented at the DQ launch party in London’s West End.


DQ Vodka

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