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The challenge was to break down the status-quo and ‘snobbery’ that was stopping business travellers using easyJet flights, even though these flights often made good business sense.

Our creative team developed a new brand proposition: ‘You’re in business, you work it out’.

A series of five print adverts presented this new positioning while clarifying the benefits of choosing EasyJet. There was a clear message here. This flight operator doesn’t just offer a price choice for holiday makers. It’s a serious contender for short-haul business flights.

As part of a broader campaign, print advertising was supported by cheeky guerrilla activity. Actors dressed as chauffeurs were stationed at airports. Copying the greeting names from the boards of real chauffeurs, our actors used their boards to advertise the amount of money these business travellers could have saved by flying easyJet. There’s no doubt it created a buzz.

We also created a ‘flynancial times’ newspaper with a fictitious article about a PA who reaped the rewards by choosing easyJet. Actors dressed in bowler hats and pinstripes were stationed in prime City locations around Britain to create a buzz and leave papers about to be read.

The integrated brand campaign was very successful in differentiating easyJet from its low-cost competitors, which use price alone as their communication platform.