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Emporio Peroni

If you’re creating a fashion icon in a bottle, where should it be seen?

We thought the new Peroni brand would fit rather nicely in an exclusive boutique. So, we leased one on Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, as a way to introduce it to the public. The whole store was used to showcase one single bottle alongside a sharp suited Italian. It was definitely ‘look but don’t touch’.

Since the initial launch in Knightsbridge, the campaign has gone global. In 2007, it made a return to the UK in Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds and Birmingham.

Peroni is now running three campaigns in 14 territories across the world, including America, Australia, Colombia, Russia and South Africa. Each new market introduces the brand with an Emporio Peroni boutique, opening in cities as far apart as San Francisco, Lima and Mumbai.

It was estimated that 63 million people around the world saw or heard the resulting news stories. Perhaps the biggest success and most valuable result of the whole campaign is the buzz on social media sites, however. Type ‘Peroni’ into Flickr and you get over 3,600 results – many of which feature peoples’ photos of the Emporio Peroni promotion in their neighbourhood.

Of course, that’s what Peroni is all about: creating a community around style in a bottle. What a great example of ‘punter art’ too.


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