SABMiller plc, one of the world’s leading brewers, today unveiled a new positioning and campaign for its international beer brand, Grolsch. The brand’s heritage and non-conformist ideals are harnessed in its new positioning as a ‘charismatic maverick’.
The new campaign revolves around ‘The Mark’, an intriguing symbol derived from the Grolsch logo, and will be executed through events, outdoor advertising, television and cinema adverts.
Since SABMiller acquired the Grolsch business and brand in February 2008, work has been going on to create a strong, differentiated positioning and assets for deployment in the brand’s key markets. This launch marks a critical stage in Grolsch’s global development.
Ronald van Amerongen, Global Brand Director for Grolsch said: “We wanted to find a way to move Grolsch from a brand with the iconic Swingtop, to a brand which is a global icon in itself. The new campaign will help to deliver this by bringing Grolsch’s unique character to life in a charismatic and intriguing way.”
This also includes a television and cinema commercial created by The Bank. The ad follows one man’s journey through life with The Mark featuring as a recurring symbol, highlighting meaningful moments along the way. Consumers will also be directed to a new website,, a place of inspiration and discovery which will host original content such as music, art and insider information as well as pulling in content recommended by users. It will also detail the coolest places to drink Grolsch.
Ian Cassie, creative director of The Bank said: “This campaign is about harnessing the power of symbols to intrigue consumers and convey Grolsch’s maverick character. The Mark is shorthand for Grolsch’s charisma, craftsmanship and artistry.”
The new assets have been developed in alliance with those markets which have been identified by SABMiller as key for Grolsch’s development and will initially be launching in Poland and Russia.
To watch the commercial click here.