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Mince pies and M&M’s

Author : Dom Martin – Joint Creative Director

Well, the mince pies have all been eaten, the turkey souped and scoffed and the new years resolutions have all been broken. It looks like this year is starting like every other. But hang on. What’s this? A timely new ad from the British Heart Foundation. I won’t be the first to blog about this and I certainly won’t be the last, but that’s what I love about it. This potentially dull nugget, featuring Vinnie Jones showing us how to perform CPR without all the kissy kissy, will be shared everywhere. And it’s a nice shift from the normal hard hitting ‘can I have my award now’ approach.

Not new to 2012, but new to me, is the M&M’s store in Leicester Square. A four floor, 35,000 square foot temple to err… M&M’s. Excuse me?!! Has the word gone mad? A whole store dedicated to one sweet? What’s wrong with selling them in news agents like everyone else? It’s massively over the top, gregariously stupid and I love it! It elevates M&M’s to the God of sweets where people from all over the world can worship. Genius!

Hugely less expensive but no less genius, I came across the other day. A picture site where, to have your picture featured on the landing page, you have to pay $1 more than the previous person. It started at $1 for the first picture and, as I write, will cost you a modest $105 for one now. No, it’s no (yet?) but it’s brilliantly simple and talk worthy and certainly fits the ‘I wish I’d thought of it’ criteria, so who knows? Good luck to its creator and a creative new year to one and all.