August sees the launch of a new website for Grolsch.
Grolsch is an iconic brand with a history of uncompromising creativity which is reflected in the way it presents itself, including its online presence.
The challenge – to reconcile a business led brand website with inspiring content generated by maverick creatives aimed at cool, discerning 25 year old urbanites without compromising either experience.
The solution – instead of simply integrating into one conventional site, The Bank decided to create a site with two distinct modes where the different content types could co-exist and thrive off each other.
The result – an integrated website with a completely new look and feel, brand content and a site structure that allows users to switch between two distinct sides of the brand, delivering an intuitive and rewarding user experience. A beer website that is aesthetically beautiful with creative content that is not compromised by a brand brave enough to let other people speak for it.
The entire user experience and creative concept was devised by The Bank.