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Over 1,000 people arrived at KoKo in Camden to celebrate The Bank’s “Carry On Christmas” Party.

And what a “Carry On” it turned out to be, as most people chose to dress as characters from the iconic British films. Costumes ranged from Cowboy to Cleo, from Police to Army and more nurses and matrons than you could shake a stick at (if you know the expression.) 

“Marner Brown” performed a set including the soundtrack from the global Grolsch commercial produced by The Bank, whilst “ABC” performed their hits from the 1980’s that had previously graced the venue known in those days as Camden Palace. 

Whilst these artists provided the highlight of the evening the lowlight was undoubtedly The Bank’s performance of “With a little help from my friends” and a mass Carry-On-Oke.

Hope you enjoyed our “Carry On Christmas” Party and in case anyone needed reminding just how much they enjoyed it, look at the photo evidence on flickr.

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