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Local Anywhere – Truphone

The Bank created Truphone’s 2010 UK and USA campaign to promote their ‘Local Anywhere’ service – a new global mobile package which offers local rates and local numbers on one SIM.

The campaign carries the line ‘turn global communications on its head’ taking its inspiration from Truphone’s revolutionary technology.

Creative captured this idea by showing what appears to be typical London and New York city street scenes, but upon closer inspection not all is as it seems – signs have quite literally been turned on their head. Looking into this even further some signs refer to Truphone’s key benefits such us a flipped street sign reading ‘No Roaming’ or a bar called ‘Stay Connected’ encouraging consumers to question their current telecoms service provider and look into the possibilities Truphone can offer.

The campaign was specifically targeted to businesses and consumers who communicate frequently on an international basis so activity is focused around transatlantic travel with work appearing in in-flight magazines and TV and posters at airports with fleet of Truphone liveried taxis. TV ran on business relevant TV channels specifically targeted at the international community.

Truphone are a visionary client and ‘Local Anywhere’ a truly innovative product. Last year when The Bank won the business, Truphone were looking for a partner in every sense of the word and today The Bank very much enjoyed helping them realise the potential of such a great brand.