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‘Impressions’ was created to launch the new European brand positioning of Xerox as ‘the document company’. It was the biggest corporate event of the nineties, so it needed a stage to match. The site of the Cannes Film Festival was chosen.

The name ‘Impressions’ was chosen because creating an impression on pages is the core Xerox business. The Post Impressionist movement was strong in the Cote d’Azur too, so the name seemed particularly appropriate.

8,000 customers from across Europe attended the event over three days. Four exhibition areas, featuring over 1,500 products, were built for the event. 64 seminars were staged in 14 small cinemas. A press conference attracted 500 members of the European media. A stage show, which lasted two hours, was simultaneously available in five languages and included 86 film inserts, live sketches and a ballet to celebrate the launch of colour printing.

Over £1million of technical equipment was required, 29 hotels, 75 coaches, 125 multilingual hostesses, a 747 aircraft to shuttle delegates to and from Paris. A restaurant was constructed on La Croisette, and a second on the roof of the Palais.

As a result of the event and the exposure that it generated, Xerox grew its market share significantly in Europe during the following 12 months.