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Milk Shaken Up – Yazoo

The Bank Cape Town facilitated the production of a new commercial for the milk drink Yazoo.

The barmy concept of shooting a cow out of a cannon was created by the agency WFCA and directed by Jon Dennis from Serious Pictures in the UK.

Creatively, the challenge was to create a commercial that remained true to the earthy simplicity of farm life, despite the unlikely milking routine depicted. From a production perspective the challenge was to get suppliers to take the concept seriously. If only we had a pound for every time crew and suppliers responded to a request with “I’m sorry, you want to do what?”

No cows were hurt in the filming of this commercial. In fact the 15 carefully selected Jerseys who star in the advert got to graze for two days on gourmet fare – the final location was a farm in Durbanville, CapeTown that produces buffalo grass. Special thanks to Carpacio, the amazing flying ox, for his patience and professionalism. Without him the commercial would not have been possible.