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Bus Advertising: Climb Aboard with The Bank!

Advertise on buses with supersides and bus wraps


In the last week, 30 million people in the UK saw some form of bus advertising. Given the potential for such massive exposure, a bus advert represents one of the most cost-effective methods of delivering a brand message to a huge target audience.

Despite its ubiquity as a method of advertising, many small and mid-sized businesses have questions as to how they go about developing a bus advertising campaign. That’s where an agency like The Bank can help!

Our media buying team have the experience and industry contacts to deliver your bus advertising campaign on either a local or national level. We can assist in strategy, design, route planning, and all aspects of bus advertising development and implementation.

Take a look at our handy guide to all things related to bus advertising, or call our experts today for more info!

Get Noticed: Bus Advertising and Its Benefits

As you’ve probably already gathered, there are a number of great reasons to use bus advertising:


From the local startup to the multinational retail brand, bus advertising can be an extremely cost-effective way to target audiences of all demographics. With countless bus vehicle types, routes, and advertising options, your business has the freedom to start small and its scale campaign budget and visibility as you begin to see results.


Buses are the ultimate mobile billboards. Through effective locality analysis and route planning, an optimised bus advertising campaign can be used to reach both a small, local target audience, as well as a broad base of customers in towns and cities.

High Street Advertising

Billboard facilities on the high street—whether classic or digital—command extremely high prices, beyond the reach of your average small business. With a bus or bus stop advertising campaign, your company has a much more cost-effective way of reaching that valuable audience.


Whichever form of bus advertising material you choose (more on this in a moment), you are guaranteed high levels of impact and audience engagement. In fact, research indicates that 86% of consumers are able to “spontaneously talk in detail about a specific bus advert”. Whether for bus passengers or pedestrians, bus advertising is supremely effective at delivering brand messages.

Types of Bus Advertising

The options available to companies wishing to advertise on buses are growing all the time. For advertising at bus stops, take a look at our article here. Meanwhile, for vehicle advertising, take a look at the info below:

Super Sides and T-Sides

Super sides are the most common mode of bus advertising, gracing most commercial double-decker buses, and offering supreme visibility through towns and cities. For certain double-decker buses, T-sides are an option, allowing for more space and creative options.


If maximum impact is what you need, a full-side advertisement is for you! For full-side adverts, your artwork is printed onto the highest quality perforated cast vinyl, allowing for full bus coverage (including windows), and a vivid, striking finish.

Super Square

Super squares utilise the same vinyl technology as full-sides but cover only a section of the bus’ side. This offers the same creative potential, but for a lower investment.

Bus Rears and Bus Backs

You know the ad panels you see when your car is stuck behind a bus? That’s a bus rear (or bus back) advertisement. Bus rear advertisements are particularly useful for clients who want to target a wide range of consumers. From bikes to Lamborghinis, drivers of all kinds are exposed to bus rear adverts!

Super Rears and Mega Rears

Super rears (single-decker) and mega rears (double-decker buses) are a form of bus rear advertising which utilise the aforementioned perforated cast vinyl. They allow the advertiser to scale their artwork so it covers the entire bus rear, including windows.


Headliner panels are placed above the windows on buses, trams and trains. 29% of adults use the bus for at least one hour a week, and headliners are a low-cast, high-impact way to reach these service users.

Advertise on Buses with The Bank

When it comes to bus advertising, The Bank is a one-stop shop.


What do you want your campaign to achieve? Are you looking to showcase a sale or new product? Perhaps you need a multi-week marketing push across bus services? Whatever they are, The Bank will help you figure out the best way to achieve your aims.

Location, Location, Location

We pride ourselves on offering the very best in route research and locality analysis. No matter your location, we offer a bespoke approach to clients across the UK, helping them work out the best ways to target passengers and pedestrians at both the high street and the local bus stop.


Our design team are always on-hand to get your bus ads looking their best. No matter if it’s a couple of small headlines or an entire bus wrap, our creative professionals have the expertise to get your brand message delivered in the best way possible.

Not Your Average Bus Journey

For media buying, you will not find a better service in the UK. Contact us today!


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