Advertising and sponsorship

Supermalt was losing touch with the younger generation. The Bank’s challenge was to make the brand relevant to a new audience whilst not alienating the very loyal and proud older generation. Our “Got It” campaign, our first for the brand, created a powerful mantra and calling card.

For over 60 years Supermalt has been a staple product in the shopping trolleys of the UK’s Afro-Caribbean community, with a huge loyal base of consumers that many brands would kill for. The “Got It” campaign was inspired by the insight that grandma always had Supermalt in the fridge and dad always had it on a Sunday, that it was entrenched in their normal day-to-day life. So by exploring the magnetism between the social generations the idea was born that “you either got it or you don’t”. We were able to develop this insight into something that meant more “Swag” for a younger generation whilst at the same time acting as a bridge and giving proper recognition to the older consumer.