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Poster Advertising: Keeping It Simple with The Bank

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Ad signage comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to communicating an advertising message successfully, few mediums offer as many benefits as that of the humble poster. From 6-sheet street posters, to banner prints and large-format billboards; LED lightboxes, to touch screen ad panels and interactive terminals—poster-based signage offers physical and digital mounting methods that provide the small- or mid-sized business with the perfect tools to promote themselves to a broad range of potential clients.

Regardless of business size, print and poster advertising campaigns have been found to be staggeringly effective at conveying brand message. In fact, according to a poll of US consumers, 40% of those polled confirmed that they will talk about a poster advertisement they’ve seen with friends or family; while 24% reported spending their money with the company in question. These numbers bear witness to the fact that when poster campaigns work correctly, the returns can be significant.

At The Bank, our team of marketing professionals specialise in helping businesses like yours navigate the worlds of poster marketing and ad signage. Our media buying experts and network of design specialists have unrivalled experience in the development, optimisation and implementation of OOH (out-of-home) poster and banner signage campaigns, in both print and digital mediums.

Need more info? Take a look at our expert guide to poster and sign advertising, then give us a call to talk to us about your company’s requirements!

Why Advertising Posters?

In 2022, it is perhaps unsurprising that so many organisations are choosing to divert a majority of their marketing efforts to online, digital and social media channels. With so many work and leisure activities restricted to the house throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, OOH advertising has been a less appealing proposition than in previous years.

However, as consumers and commuters return to some sense of normality, a significant number of advertisers are looking to return to the poster-based media from which they profited over many years, and with which online and digital forms of advertising can’t compete. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of printed posters and sign-based advertising:


Printed posters, digital posters and banner ads have incredible reach, with facilities in place in all manner of locations—both indoor and outdoor—across the UK. This gives advertisers a unique ability to market to a customer within a specific demographic or community. For instance, if your audience primarily consists of C2DE consumers, a poster placed at a heavily-trafficked public transport site can offer huge brand recognition and a significant ROI. Similarly, if you run a local company and your new customer is part of that community, a targeted poster advertising campaign and send a message to them directly and effectively.

These options for location refinement are not typically available through online and digital mediums, giving savvy advertisers the option to generate ads content which accesses the specific wants, needs and requirements of their audience.


Poster and ad signage come in all shapes and sizes: from POS (point-of-sale) and interior shop sign solutions, to 6-sheet posters (both printed paper and digital media), to large-format 48- and 96-sheet billboard advertisements—poster signage offers unparalleled options for an advertiser to ensure their brand is presented in the best possible way to speak directly to the greatest number of customers.

Whatever your advertising message, there is a signage option for you. Want to attract shoppers to new products or special promotions? A POS campaign at a local store can reach new consumers, and achieve those impulse purchases. Need to find the fastest way to alert the greatest number of people to your national business? A large-format paper or digital billboard could be just the thing!


For startups and small businesses, cost is always an important consideration. We find that a lot of small companies assume that an ad campaign consisting of posters or billboards will be out of their price range; however, a well-executed poster advertising campaign can prove surprisingly cost-effective, with a greater, more predictable ROI than many paid search and paid social marketing methods.

When it comes to signage-based advertising campaigns, much of the expense is in the location; this is why an efficient location analysis and optimisation strategy is paramount. At The Bank, we have developed industry-beating techniques for finding the best locales for our clients, no matter their advertising requirements. Keep reading for more info…

How Do I Setup My Poster Campaigns?

For many business owners, there is a sense that OOH and print advertising is beyond their reach. Gaining access to advertising publishers, negotiating fair rates, and trusting them to cover an effective area for your campaign can be an intimidating proposition. We asked our marketing team to suggest some things which might help get your signage advertising campaign off the ground:

Media Buyer vs. Dealing Direct

When it comes to setting up a poster advertising campaign, there are a few things to consider. The most important of these is deciding whether to work with a media buyer or go direct.

At The Bank, we subscribe to the notion that retaining a media buying team is a worthwhile investment for any business. Unless you have the skills in-house, a media buyer can make your life as a business owner much easier. Media buyers like ours have the experience and expertise to get your promotional posters and images in front of the customers who need to see them. Media buyers can suggest billboard, banner and poster formats, and they can search for the best advertising locations for building brand awareness and generating leads.

In addition, a media buying agency can leverage their increased purchasing power to get your promotional items installed at prime indoor and outdoor locations at a fraction of the price you might pay when dealing direct. As a client of The Bank, your advertising budget is part of a much larger pot, making it much easier to get your message seen in high-footfall areas or major events.


Okay, this might seem obvious, but visual media must be visually appealing. You want to use all design elements to your advantage; from your colour palette, to your typefaces, to your promotional images—everything must be optimised to portray your brand message in the best way possible.

At The Bank, we believe that you know what’s best for your business, so our in-house design and creative specialists collaborate closely with clients to get the results they want. Consider some of the following factors to help your designer:


What is the meaning you want to send with your advertising posters, and what sort of style or imagery might work best? Do you want a bold, high-impact print to alert your customer to a temporary buy-one-get-one-free offer? Or do you want something simple and elegant to promote your all-natural healthy life diet shake?


The location of your posters and ad signage will impact the designs you choose to use. Is your advertising site local to annual public events? Is it near somewhere people gather to mark New Year’s Eve or another special occasion?


You must inform your designer about the print material or mounting method which will be used for your ads. Printed paper posters, for instance, have different colour palette and profile requirements than those designed for digital posters and billboard screens. Similarly, colour, contrast and brightness settings will need to be modified for a banner print or printed billboard. You want to achieve a consistent style across all of your advertising materials, so pay keen attention to your substrate materials before committing to your advertising artwork.

Advertising Campaign Development with The Bank: A Step-by-Step Guide

As you’ve probably gathered, there is a lot to consider when it comes to signage and poster advertising. As with anything, the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of small factors which can have a significant impact on the overall efficacy of your campaign.

This is one of the major advantages of retaining an agency service like The Bank. Through our comprehensive service, we cover all the little things, leaving you free to do what you do best: run your business!

As a client of The Bank, your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop an advertising campaign which fully meets the needs and expectations of your company. Take a look below for our stepped approach to campaign building.

Step 1: Campaign Strategy

The first step your account manager will take is to develop a marketing strategy which is tailored to your company’s size, budget, target audience, and objectives. We’ll outline a strategic plan of action to enhance engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation using our vast expertise and industry-leading data-driven analytical software.

Step 2: Location Analysis

One of the advantages of working with The Bank is you’ll benefit from our exclusive locality analysis and research strategies. We provide precise geographic targeting services to clients throughout the UK, ensuring that your print and digital advertising are seen by the greatest number of relevant consumers.

No matter the size of your organisation or your ad budget, we’ll search a range of ad locations across the country, creating a honed map of areas which will bring a return on your investment. Whether you want a couple of paper posters near your local shops or a national 96-sheet digital billboard campaign, our locale experts will work tirelessly to get your ads into the best spots.

Step 3: Website Optimisation

In many instances, your posters will direct customers to your website; for this reason, it’s critical to keep all of your online content up to date! Our SEO and website development experts will review the content of your site to ensure it’s properly structured, and geared to not only convert signage leads into purchases and valuable clients but also to drive search organic traffic independently.

Step 4: Content Creation

As mentioned above, effective design is a vital aspect of a poster advertising campaign. If your business is outside the creative industries, the creative aspect of poster and banner design can be extremely confusing.

Our in-house creative team and network of partners have the expertise and knowledge to create promotional items and materials that are fully suited to your new customer and your new ad locations. We never use stock templates, so you can be confident your artwork will be fully unique to you and your brand.

Step 5: Production and Implementation

With your locations secured and your creative materials ready to go, we will use our network of production and installation partners to get your items up and running.

In the case of digital billboards, we will proceed to upload your files and liaise with media owners to ensure all files are formatted correctly. For printed paper posters, we will oversee all aspects of production, delivery and installation.

Step 6: Performance and Reporting

A print campaign is an ongoing process, and we constantly evaluate the success of our campaigns at The Bank to ensure that they are delivering the results that our clients expect.

As one of our clients, you will benefit from our sophisticated analysis tools. Your account manager will provide frequent, thorough reports and analyses for you to download, so you can track how your investment is helping your company grow.

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