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Article writing is a simple and effective way to reach fresh audiences and boost engagement with your brand. The best articles not only serve to get your name out there—they establish you as an industry leader, and help you to build a strong reputation among potential clients.

However, for small and large business owners alike, the process of writing articles can be tedious, frustrating, and—ultimately—fruitless. You are a leader in your field of expertise, but finding ways to communicate your knowledge in an engaging and accurate way is often not the best use of your time. That’s where a professional article writing service like The Bank can help.

At The Bank, our in-house professional article writer team have extensive experience creating custom content that is informative, accurate, and interesting enough to capture the attention of even the most discerning readers. Our writers have years of experience writing for a variety of industries and topics, so regardless of your industry or target audience, our team can craft custom-tailored content that meets your specific objectives.

To learn more about our article writing services, contact us today. Alternatively, keep reading to learn how we can help you harness the power of quality content.

The Benefits of High-Quality Articles

Article writing is a simple and effective way to boost business performance across a number of critical areas.

Reach a New Audience

Articles can help to establish your brand and increase the reach of your content. Writing compelling content that speaks directly to your target audience is the best way to engage with new readers and reach potential customers.

Highlight Your Expertise

High-quality articles can help you to establish yourself as an industry leader by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. When done right, article writing can be a great way to build trust within your industry.

Drive Organic Traffic

SEO articles allow you to improve your search engine ranking and bring more traffic to your website. By developing original content that is valued by search engines, SEO articles will help to increase your visibility at a fraction of the cost of PPC.

Promote Your Products

Product descriptions aren’t the only option you have for encouraging customers to make a purchase. By hiring professional writers to produce articles on your products, you can deploy calls to action across the web, with engaging and informative material that drives conversions.

Our Article Writing Services

At The Bank, we take a bespoke approach to content marketing and creation, developing a strategy for content creation based on the individual needs of our clients. Some of our most popular article-writing services include:

Blog Writing Service

Writing a blog post is a great way to engage with new and existing customers. Our team of experienced writers can craft compelling blogs tailored to your target audience and industry, and formatted perfectly for your website or social online platform.

SEO Article Writing Service

Our expert copywriters have years of experience creating SEO content that can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Through carefully crafted keyword research, our expert writer team can construct blog and article materials that meet SEO requirements whilst providing a genuinely positive experience for the reader.

Long-Form Writing Service

Long-form articles are the perfect way to demonstrate your expertise and drive organic traffic. Our writers create original, in-depth pieces that provide readers with a comprehensive analysis of topics important to your industry.

Ghostwriting Service

Don’t have the time to write your own article? Our ghostwriting services are perfect for busy professionals. Whether you need us to write a blog post, product description, or long-form article, our experienced writer team can craft engaging content in line with your vision and industry requirements.

How We Write Articles That Matter

Ask our content writers about the writing process and they’ll agree: every article is different. When it comes time to create original content, one size never fits all.

At the same time, we tend to find it helps to consider the following before moving ahead with a project:

The Who: Target Audience

An obvious one to start: who is your audience and what do they look like? Are they entrepreneurs, marketers, young professionals? Do they prefer long-form content or quick reads? Your audience will determine every aspect of the posts and articles your publish, so it’s vital to get this stage right.

The What: Subject and Topic

Your topic may be client-driven, or you might have the chance to develop something yourself. Either way, it’s essential to consider what the article should and could include. Is there research required? What sources and citations will you use? What is your end goal for the piece?

The How: Style and Tone

It’s essential to establish the style and tone of your article before you start writing. Will it be authoritative, or informal? Detailed or concise? A conversational approach may help to engage a reader, while a more serious tone could be better for high-level topics.

The Why: Goals and Objectives

What do you hope to achieve from your published article, and how will you ensure your words serve these aims? If you’re writing an SEO article, you’ll need to think about keyword research, word count, and SEO requirements. If it’s a promotional piece, you’ll need to consider how to structure your call-to-action. Defining these objectives upfront will help ensure the article’s success later down the line.

The Bank: Professional Article Writers That Do Things Different

As a business looking to hire article writers, you have several options. You can attempt to engage your existing staff, or train up new employees. Alternatively, you could outsource the work and explore freelance writers. However, for consistent quality and guaranteed satisfaction, partnering with a professional article writing service like The Bank is often the best way forward.

At The Bank, we do things differently. As a client, you can count on our article-writing services to deliver the best article content, on time, and under budget. Moreover, every written article we produce comes with the following guarantees:

Unique Content

Our writers produce 100% original content, plagiarism-free and tailored to your needs.

Human Curation

Unlike many SEO writers and content writing services, we don’t rely on AI software to produce our material.

Extensive Research

Every writer at The Bank conducts extensive research to ensure the accuracy of our content.

Quality Control

Every article passes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure accuracy and clarity.

Word Count

Particularly important for SEO, every article we deliver meets the agreed-upon word count.

Long-Term Relationships

When you’ve found a new writer you like, you don’t want to waste time trying to find writers for your next project. We’ll assign the same writer to your next article as we did to your last.

Clear Fees

We offer monthly fee arrangements that mean you’re never surprised by your bill.

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you need a couple of SEO articles or a site-wide revamp of your copy, The Bank’s article writers are ready to help. Reach out to us today and let’s create something great together.


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