Billboard advertising boards are an out of home advertising media. There are thousands of sites across the UK owned by some of the largest outdoor advertising companies like JC Decaux, Global and Clear Channel. A huge number of independent advertising posters are also available. These advertising boards give brands huge impact because of their super sized dimensions. At between 48 and 96 sheet size – the latter is a huge 12 metres wide! Increasingly this type of outdoor media can be bought both as traditional advertising posters and as digital.

Advantages of billboard advertising

These billboard advertising boards have strong regional and national coverage. Striking large outdoor media sites like this are found across most regions of the country. They are typically based roadside on urban commuter routes and will often be found side by side creating walls of advertising opportunity. Increasingly they are also available in town centres and large hubs that attract a lot of people. Shopping centres, airports and train stations now carry billboard advertising format which is great way to quickly reach lots of people.

Another advantage is their size. Large outdoor billboard advertising boards run between 6 and 12 metres wide. In some cases even larger formats exist although these tend to be unique to very large cities. They are huge spots that make for wonderful, high impact creative. As they’re full colour and mostly illuminated, it’s a superb showcase for brands and products. Tending to be high up and hard to reach means that they’re less likely to get vandalised than street level advertising furniture, preserving the quality of your message. While traditional advertising boards must be bought in specific “posting” blocks because of the specialist fitting, digital billboard advertising is very agile. Digital advertising boards allow flexible booking and quick creative activation.

Billboard advertising prices

Outdoor advertising board pricing is different based on their location and the number of “opportunities to see”. That last metric translates as, how many eyeballs will be seeing it. Typically media owners base this footfall – pedestrians or number of vehicles – passing an advertising board location. The greater the number, the higher the price.

In basic terms, billboard advertising costs between £300 and £600 per week, per advertising board. Large outdoor billboards usually require at least a 2 week commitment, based on the fitting demands. Of course these billboard advertising costs don’t take into account bulk buying and agency discounts. These are obtainable through proper media planning via an accredited agency like The Bank, who buy for several clients across the media inventory owners.

Advertising board creative

To get the most impact from billboard advertising, good creative is essential. Yes the canvas is huge, but the average length of time a user has to consume your message is tiny. Surprisingly, less components on the creative assets are better. The biggest mistake is to fill this huge canvas with lots of wording or instruction. Often it makes messages barely legible when consumed from so far away. Instead go for highly impactful photography, typefaces and simple calls to action that are easily memorable. For the ultimate acid test, viewing your creative on screen from at least 12 feet away will give you an accurate impression of the final result.

Of course The Bank, as a creative agency, are fully accustomed to solving these creative challenges. We handle outdoor advertising design and production on a regular basis. It usually forms part of the creative toolkit when we develop campaigns, ensuring the assets will work at the largest formats. We create the type aspirational design that works brilliantly on billboards, allowing for easy consumption. We’re also frequently working on digital versions now, with brilliant colouring and subtle animation to maximise the medium.

Billboard advertising sizes

The two most common billboard sizes are 48 sheet and 96 sheet, the difference being the width. The name refers to the physical number of paper “sheets” it requires to fill the space. The printing process involves splitting the bigger image across smaller spec posters which are all 20″ x 30″. Therefore –

While we’re delighted if creatives have made it here to support your design work, you should note that outdoor media owners have slightly different specifications around artwork sizing, provision and formatting. You should take care to follow the guides before assuming dimensions to be correct.

The Bank handle all aspects of creative design, production artwork (getting the right messages to the right places) and media planning for all sorts of advertising and media – including billboard advertising. To discuss your needs, give us a call.