The Bank creative agency tell brand stories in brave, beautiful ways. Our creatives blend design, video production and animation to craft communication perfect for every channel.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new startup; or a heritage brand looking to rediscover it’s voice. The Bank’s creative technique will unlock the heart behind your business. Not only do we craft this into a stunning visual identity for your next campaign, we find your spirit across all communication channels. As an agency, we also live your values with you, supporting customers external and internal to understand what your brand means.

Adaptability is the key on any brand creative. Your customers are consuming media everywhere and we’ll help you reach them. We create campaign assets for every channel, no matter it’s diversity: outdoor media, television and video, digital display or social feeds. 

With every channel different and competing for your customer’s eyeballs (or ears) it’s crucial to create cut through. You have to place your brand in front of the noise.

Creative that grabs the attention

You have to grab your customers attention quickly. In today’s world of scrolling consumption – thumbing social feeds, fast forwarding adverts on Sky Q or waiting for the Skip Ads button on YouTube. Let’s face it, we’ve all done this – and we’re the marketers! In short, people have got to want to consume your media. There’s a lot of poor advertising media out there… wasting their time.

To achieve this, our creative agency team use unique storyboarding techniques, on screen assets and sound signatures to maximise attraction to your creative. You have to exploit every sense to have the type of impact brands are looking for. We make it as native an experience as possible – making creative assets that are aspirational, so the target audience are drawn to your brand. We also make creative that’s direct, maximising our time in front of the consumer, no matter how distracted they may be. An example is to create simply stunning visuals that they’re naturally drawn to.

Change your brand narrative

Customers always start with the perception that they have about your brand. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve undertaken a “branding exercise” or not. The customer perception is built on reputation, service and experience – good or bad. Name any brand and you’ll instantly conjure thoughts about your experience with that company. This is such a powerful thread, it’s quite possible a customer ignores your ad completely – simply based on their pre-conceived beliefs. Changing that perception is critical to ensure your messages are consumed. It is the starting point to improved engagement.

So how do you alter or enhance your brand perception? To start, you mus tap into customer emotion and aspiration. The desire for cool. A longing for humour. Even an empathy from sadness. These are all triggers of the story you’re creating. Our expert storytellers can tap into the emotion of your product and build creative around your unique proposition.

Maximising your creative agency assets

We’ve already spoken about a diverse range of media on this page. These include video, design and audio. Not only should creative carry impact across all platforms. It also needs to drive substantial value and be capable of multi-purpose application. 

With small edits, video assets for TV are easily capable of feeding social media, Youtube or other digital channels like your website. The Bank creates and plans your entire media production schedule to save you time and money. Our creative agency will exceed your vision and leave you with the agility of being able to blow up successful campaigns into wider media than first planned.

The Bank’s experience and in-house expertise includes film, motion design and graphic work like illustration. We’ve worked with huge household names on multi-million pound campaigns – fulfilling all aspects of creative, media buying and digital advertising. We’re also at home working with smaller, ambitious, hungry brands that want to flex their creative muscle and see what their business can truly become in the eyes of the target audience.

We’d love to hear about your brand and start to discover the aspects of your product or service that we can help unlock for you. If you’re ready, you can contact us now or you can read more about our creative work, our media planning or digital marketing work to see clearly how you can count on The Bank for your brand development. You can also head over to Twitter where we post about our work.