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A Push for Cohesive Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Experiences

Trend Report 2023: Cohesive cross-device and cross-channel marketing solutions

The following is an extract from The Bank’s Trend Report 2023, our deep dive into the events and innovations that are set to shape and characterise online advertising and digital marketing over the next 12 months.

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Part XIII: More Devices and Competing Platforms Demand an Integrated Approach

In 2023, the number of mobile phone and tablet devices in operation will hit 16.8 billion globally. When viewed in conjunction with the increasing proliferation of wearables—some 533.6 million were sold in 2021—and IoT devices, it becomes apparent that advertisers must ensure their ad materials are suitable for cross-device activation.

The problem doesn’t end there. Whilst cross-device activation raises challenges for creative consistency, the increasingly fragmented usage of the web itself demands attention is paid on a cross-channel basis at the same time. Case in point: social media. The most up-to-date research indicates that 59% of the global population actively use a social platform, with the average daily usage standing at 2 hours and 29 minutes; however, the average number of social platforms each person uses every month has increased to 7.4.

With users actively adopting a broad range of sites, apps, and formats, significant disparities emerge within devices, search platforms, apps, and sites themselves. These variations mean it is vital for advertisers to consider how to implement a uniform strategy for ad deployment and creative formatting. 


Omnichannel Management

In recent years, it was often enough for marketers to rely on one or two select platforms for their digital marketing (think: Google AdWords for paid search and web display, plus Facebook Ads for paid social). However, as usage in 2023 becomes more fragmented and distinct, it will no longer be sufficient to lean solely on these giant proprietary platforms.

To maximise ROI, advertisers should look towards omnichannel platforms that encourage a holistic approach to digital advertising. A macro strategy will enable advertisers to take control of their creatives, ensuring they are fully geared to their specific audiences, whilst ensuring technical uniformity and compatibility.

Creative Management

Creative management platforms (CMPs) allow advertisers to manage, maintain, and optimise their marketing creative on a cohesive, cloud-based stage. Many of the best-in-class CMPs provide dynamic creative optimisation tools that differentiate users and automatically tailor the creative to best engage them. 

For the most successful advertisers, CMPs will become a vital element of their digital marketing toolkit, allowing them to more effectively adapt their creatives, and make their marketing materials more personalised, relevant, and useful.



Basis is an omnichannel DSP designed for speed, performance, and effective integration across search and social platforms. 

With all-channel activation and cross-device targeting tools, Basis is the ultimate solution for advertisers that want to bring all of their marketing activities under a single digital roof.


For 15 years, AdRoll’s all-in-one advertising platform has been assisting brands with a range of simple solutions to complex problems. Its intuitive platform offers actionable insights, a full suite of management tools, and in-browser campaign activation. 

The platform’s massive integration options make it easy to activate data and insights from platforms like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Segment, and more. What’s more, its focus on e-commerce makes it a great option for retailers and online merchants.


MarinOne provides an enterprise marketing platform for advertisers to measure, manage, and optimise ad spend across web and mobile devices.

Where the company sets itself apart is its synchronisation of audience, revenue, and contextual data from all sources across all digital marketing channels. The result is enhanced insights, improved targeting, and increased ROI.

We’ll be posting further extracts from the Trend Report 2023 in the coming weeks.

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0. Executive Summary
1. The Proliferation of Incentive-Based First-Party Data Strategies
2. Fresh Solutions for Tracking and Retargeting
3. A Recalibrated Approach to Targeting and Lead Identification
4. More Innovative Methods for Contextual Targeting
5. A Greater Focus on Values-Based Marketing and Consumer Connection
6. Expanded Opportunities for Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home
7. Stronger Programmatic Pathways into Video Ads
8. Reliance on Voice Assistants Heralds a Hands-Free Future
9. Digital Planning for Real-World Implementation
10. Apple Makes Aggressive Moves into Digital Advertising
11. Global 5G Adoption Boosts Programmatic Ad Serving
12. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Do the Heavy Lifting for Planning and Creative
13. A Push for Cohesive Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Experiences
14. More Sophisticated Access to In-App Inventory
15. Stricter Adherence to the Better Ads Standards


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