Digital advertising is the fastest and most effective way to get customers in front of your product. Done right, it’s often the cheapest. The Bank are experts at pay per click advertising, display advertising and remarketing across the networks you know, like Google and Facebook, as well as hundreds you don’t.

Digital marketing is now simply marketing. The prevalence of digital in a users life is moving past mainstream. It’s to the point that traditional media or analogue behaviours, like visiting a shop, is the rarity. This is why The Bank are a digitally orientated marketing agency. 

Solved: the digital advertising dilemma

Reaching people via digital marketing channels is strikingly simple. Reaching them well, without blowing your budget is extremely complex. That doesn’t just mean your hard earned cash. Spending needless, wasted hours on unsustainable techniques is probably the biggest waste.

Getting digital advertising right yields astonishing, rapid results. Unlike SEO, organic social, or content marketing the budget only needs to be modest. While those other techniques are with merit. digital advertising takes the crown with its effects. The Bank expertly balance all of these techniques and why we’re the digital advertising agency of choice.

We run PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and many more. We do this on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the country. They come to us looking for expertise in these channels. We give it to them. Then we introduce them to hundreds of other programmatic advertising inventory channels that support their ambitions – be that lead generation, subscription conversion or full blown ecommerce.

Pay (the optimum) per click (and conversion)

Anyone can setup a pay per click campaign. There you go. You don’t need us at The Bank to set this up or run it for you. With a little bit of reading, you can capably track performance and make some sales. You can also optimise the campaign to save yourself some money. 

This is the point that most of our clients come to us, because here is where the enthusiasm, focus, energy and ingenuity dry up. In short, there’s been some growth but how do you sustain it? They need expert help to expand the opportunity and explore new directions for your product mix – digital or otherwise. 

We create campaigns that work. We generate the quickest wins first. These “core” PPC campaigns help to deliver sales and initial confidence in PPC as a media. We then halo the original campaign with smaller, experimental and programmatic bursts. We’ll target complimentary search and social activity to find your optimum mix of activity. We then scale the results that we’re seeing.

Is digital advertising just another short lived technique?

Trends come and go in digital marketing. As do the buzz words. As marketers it’s challenging to remove the gloss of the latest trend being blogged about and find the strategies you should actually be following.

We find that most of our clients are looking for instant results. Digital advertising is the best way to achieve that in our experience across multiple clients and hundreds of hours poured into some of the other techniques you could follow.

That said, we like to underpin our strategies in paid search and social with the right level of digital design and conversion rate optimisation. This can include elements of website redesign or more frequently, landing page creation. Every audience is different, as is every channel they’ll clickthrough. You must ensure that the creative is being delivered effectively. Should you really bring a Google search consumer onto the same page as someone clicking through from a video advert? You’re best served keeping the brand story going in the media they’re most comfortable with.

Complimentary digital advertising strategies

Content marketing guarantees that your website is fulfilling all aspects of the consumers conversion indicators – that is, what’s going to support the search intent and result in them making a purchase? This could be features, benefits, consumer reviews, testimonials, availability, convenience, options and add ons… The list is endless. Many sites and apps do this brilliantly. Most don’t and along with great digital design, we like to underpin that with amazing, engaging content that will bring you some search engine optimisation upticks as well.

And so to the big three letters that scare the bejesus out of most digital marketers – the experts and the amateurs! SEO. You know you have to do it. Everybody thinks they know how. Your boss. Your mates. The guy down the pub on his tenth pint of the day. You just build backlinks. You just write content. Just register an exact match domain. Bring sites back from the dead and repoint all their links. SEO isn’t dead. But techniques are birthed and die daily. One in, one out. 

As an SEO agency we build SEO campaigns out for clients slowly, over time, underneath those layers of paid activity like the digital advertising described throughout this page. Onsite optimisation, conversion-orientated content and other digital techniques like organic social media marketing and community management will underpin the success.

It’s a long game but well-phased and using your budget intelligently, The Bank will create a sustainable, effective digital marketing engine for your business which will pay off over the years ahead. Remember! Digital marketing is now just marketing and it starts best with digital advertising by The Bank.