Streaming services like Spotify are opening up new opportunities for brand owners. Spotify advertising creates an opportunity to connect with the listening audience in completely new ways. This is particularly true when compared to radio, the closest type of media.

Acting just like a digital marketing platform, Spotify advertising lets brands target the millions of non-premium members. As a data rich platform, these targeting touchpoints include gender, age and behaviour demographics which are impossible to replicate with other audio advertising.

Spotify advertising management

As a digital marketing method, Spotify advertising is easily accessible by brand owners themselves. However, this can be extremely difficult to manage, particularly at scale. Like other digital advertising methods, developing the right creative for Spotify specifically can be challenging. Likewise, the number of targeting decisions can be baffling for those not used to it. This can mean wasted time and money, with limited understanding around the results it’s generating.

The Bank are a digital advertising and media agency who can support your delivery of Spotify adverts. We bring campaigns of this type to life for national and regional brands. We’re able to scale the targeting instantly, focusing on different parts of your demographic audience with different creatives. The Bank then measure results to scale the areas which are working best.

Spotify advert creative development

Creatively Spotify is a much more intimate listening experience where the creative must compliment, not hijack the audience experience.

These are people listening in-ear while working, travelling or working out. The creative must not be jarring when their music or podcast is interrupted. A gentle push is enough. Alternatively it’s an audience listening at home via smart speakers. They’re occupied, otherwise distracted and the music is in the background. Here a message too gentle won’t achieve the necessary cut through.

Immediately you can see how Spotify advertising can’t be a one size fits all solution. Depending on the platform use, the creative must be agile enough to adapt giving the best chances of auditory success. The Bank advocate radio advertising, in both on air and streaming forms. We already start this journey by developing auditory campaign assets which are streaming-ready. By collating a variety of branded idents up front, we can be ready to play out campaigns via Spotify without incurring heavy additional time or cost.