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Media Planning and Media Buying: Bespoke Advertising and Marketing Solutions for Your Brand and Its Target Audience

Media planning and media buying services


As suppliers of the very best media buying and media planning services, The Bank are ideally positioned to strategise, implement, and optimise your ad campaigns and marketing efforts.

From identifying target audiences to monitoring an ad campaign’s performance, our media planning and buying professionals will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Even seasoned advertisers can benefit from investing in the services we provide, with our unique approach to paid media that prioritises above all else the specific goals and objectives of your brand.

What Are Media Planning and Media Buying?

  • Media Planning: A strategic process for the development of an advertising or marketing campaign. Media planning covers a broad range of elements, including: market research and audience targeting; the selection of media channels and placement of ads within them; the schedule or frequency with which ads are played; and the length of the campaign and expected outcomes.
  • Media Buying: The process of purchasing advertising space or time from specific publishers or media outlets. This includes negotiating rates and choosing the best placement for an ad campaign. Media buying covers both traditional and digital media channels, and—when executed effectively—results in maximum brand exposure for minimal investment.

Media Planning Services

Audience Research

Our media planners conduct extensive demographic and psychographic research to identify target audiences most likely to be receptive to the marketing efforts of their clients.

Market Analysis

We use data-driven market analysis to put your marketing goals in a wider context: which media channels and advertising methods have been proven successful for businesses like yours, and which avenues are potentially underutilised in your field?

Budgeting and ROI

Our media planners work strictly within the confines and budgetary limitations of their clients. They will balance your available marketing spend with the likelihood of positive returns, and the value of these returns to your brand.

Media Channels

Making the most of your ad spend involves the selective deployment of media across a range of channels. From billboards and TV to PPC and social media, your media planner will develop a multi-channel solution that maximises engagement and return on investment.

Media Buying Services

Direct Buys

If your advertising and marketing strategy calls for marketing via traditional media (television, radio, print, OOH), your media buyer will negotiate the best possible rates for ad space across various media platforms. Their extensive industry knowledge and increased purchasing power will enable our media buying team to develop a successful media buying strategy that balances ad impressions against upfront investment.

Manual Bidding

When it comes to digital media buying, our team have the technical know-how to set up and monitor complex manual bidding processes. Through a combination of real-time tracking and historical data analysis, they will continually adjust your campaign’s targeting and bid prices to ensure that every ad impression counts.

Programmatic Buys

Programmatic media buying is a data-driven form of automated digital marketing that enables marketers to target specific consumers at specific times with laser precision. The Bank’s team of programmatic advertising experts will develop and implement a campaign that reaches your target consumers at the right time, with the right message, and on the right device.

Auxillary Services


Through our network of creative professionals, The Bank can assist your company in developing marketing materials which are on-brand, on-message, and optimised for your target audience. Whether you need visual creative, audio creative, display creative, or marketing copy, our partners will deliver creative solutions that are aligned perfectly with your marketing strategy.

Digital Campaign Management

In addition to media buying and planning, The Bank’s team of digital marketing experts offer comprehensive ongoing campaign management services. From developing targeted ad campaigns to managing complex bidding processes, our team will take the weight of digital marketing off your shoulders and deliver the results you need to grow your business.

Mediums for Marketing

OOH (Out-of-Home) Media

Our media buying and planning teams have assisted countless organisations in getting their OOH advertising campaigns off the ground. Using comprehensive market research, geographic analysis, and targeted media placement activities, we will ensure your OOH ads are placed in the most effective locations at prices your business can afford.

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Media

A successful ad campaign should utilise an effective mix of both offline channels and digital media. Through digital advertising outside the home, you can target a wide and receptive audience with dazzling creative that has significantly more impact than that offered by traditional OOH media.

Entertainment Media

From television to radio, cinema advertising and much more, our media buying services are designed to get your brand in front of its target audience through the most popular, most engaging, and most widely consumed entertainment channels.

Print Media

Despite the proliferation of digital media, print media continues to be an effective way of reaching key demographics. Our team can place your ads in a range of print publications, from national newspapers to glossy magazines, matchday programmes and a whole lot more.

Transport Media

With bus shelters and transit depots, train stations and airports, even AdVans and mobile billboards, transit media represents a significant opportunity for your business to run ad placements across the widest range of high-traffic areas.

Digital Media

Digital marketing tactics form the cornerstone for many of the most successful media buying strategies. At The Bank, our skilled media buyers can manage and assist your online media buying and online advertising campaigns across the most popular search engines and network of websites.

Social Media

Our media buying and planning teams can assist your business across the entire paid social marketing mix. Whether you want to deploy effective media placements to your followers on Instagram, or need a media agency to manage your Facebook output, our team are here to help.

The Bank Difference


We don’t believe in hindering our clients with lock-in contracts or exclusivity agreements. Your media buying campaign is your media buying campaign, and you are free to use our services only for as long as you feel we’re meeting your media objectives.


The media buying process is notoriously opaque, with a significant minority of buyers muddying the waters through scattered advertising, commission-based payments, and under-the-table kickbacks disguised as “preferential rates”.

At The Bank, we believe in full transparency. From the media planning phase through to creative development and media buying, you’ll know exactly where your money is going and how your investment will benefit your organisation.


Performing effective media placements is often a complex process—but that’s for us to worry about! As our client, you can choose the level of your day-to-day involvement, leaving you free to focus on running and scaling your operation.


We take a collaborative approach to the media planning process and are always available to provide advice, feedback, and support. Your dedicated account manager will provide you with frequent updates on campaign performance and penetration across the media mix, and will strive to forge an ongoing partnership based on trust, support, feedback, and participation.


Our clients place a massive amount of faith in us to deploy their marketing message in a way that is faithful to the goals and values of their brand. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, and our team will go above and beyond to ensure that we are always acting in your best interests.


We have absolute confidence in our ability to produce profitable media buying and planning solutions that are geared to the specific requirements of your company. However, if our campaign efforts are not living up to your expectations, we will work tirelessly to correct the situation and deliver the results you deserve.

Media Planning and Media Buying You Can Count On

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