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White-Label Media Buying Services for Agencies, Consultants, Creatives, and Freelancers


The Bank offers white-label media buying services to businesses across a range of industries and commercial sectors.

If your company could capitalise on the media buying opportunities presented by its client base, The Bank are positioned to act as your in-house purchasing partner, taking a behind-the-scenes role which supports the success of both you and your client.

Our solutions are built with scalability in mind, allowing startups and businesses of all sizes to offer a range of media buying services directly, without the initial expenditure, the ongoing overheads, and the associated risks of establishing a dedicated media department.

Through The Bank, your clients will benefit from a bespoke service which is specifically tailored to their requirements, as well as the unparalleled expertise and extensive industry contacts of our in-house media buyers. Your business, meanwhile, will profit from our exceptional service, safe in the knowledge we are meeting the standards your clients expect.

Who We Can Help

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies without an established media buying route can rely on us to faithfully provide purchase solutions for their clients. Operating under your company’s umbrella, The Bank will connect the dots between advertisers and publishers, ensuring your clients receive all the services they need without having to search for services offered by an external firm.

Marketing Consultants

Through your expertise and proven ability to streamline their marketing efforts, your consultancy has gained the trust and dependence of its clients. By offering an in-house media buying service, you can leverage this confidence into a lucrative revenue stream, all the while broadening the scope of your customer experience.

Public Relations Agencies

Whilst the ultimate aim of your PR firm will always be to generate organic awareness for your clients, The Bank’s white-label media buying services can allow you to supply a more comprehensive service: one which benefits your clients, who don’t have to deal with a separate buying agency; and your company, who will see significant returns from media receipts.

Graphic and Web Design Studios

Design agencies will often find themselves working on marketing creative that has no planned route to market. As a partner of The Bank, you can take advantage of this uncertainty by offering media planning and media buying solutions directly to your clients.

Printing Companies

As a printing firm, you strive first and foremost to offer the highest levels of product quality, technical expertise, and streamlined logistical processes—marketing most likely isn’t a priority. However, if you frequently find yourself producing advertising materials, your company can assist its clients by offering strategic planning and media buying services directly in-house.

Freelancers and Professionals

No matter your field of expertise, if you’re a freelancer who works directly with commercial clients, you may be able to benefit from The Bank’s white- and grey-label media buying services. From photographers to artists and copywriters to programmers, by utilising our services to augment your existing offering, you can improve client experience, and see a significant financial return.

The Benefits of White-Label Media Buying


White-label media buying with The Bank gives your company the freedom to scale up its services and modes of operation in its own time. A potentially lucrative media buying enquiry might incentivise you to build a dedicated department faster than you would have liked; with The Bank’s outsourcing processes, you have the freedom to move at the right pace for your business, without missing out on any fruitful opportunities.


Establishing, staffing, and running a dedicated media buying department can be an expensive proposition. By outsourcing your media purchasing services, you can bypass these overheads. Our fully-integrated media buying team becomes your team, and all without any upfront investment or long-term commitment.


To negotiate the best deals for their clients, media buyers require extensive industry experience, established contacts, and firm professional relationships with publishers. As a partner of The Bank, you will benefit from the marketing expertise and collective purchasing power of our time-served media buyers.


Our white-label media buying services offer a healthy potential revenue share. For high-value receipts, the actualised value is often huge, presenting significant opportunities for your company to make substantial profits for a minimal investment of time and money.

Mediums for Marketing

OOH Media

Our media buyers have successfully implemented out-of-home advertising campaigns across the UK. From Billboards to construction site hoardings, street furniture and everything in between.

DOOH Media

From 48-sheet digital billboards to interactive touch-screen panels, digital out-of-home advertising is the media format of tomorrow.

Entertainment Media

The ultimate platforms for creative advertising. Our entertainment media buying services cover television, radio, cinema advertising, and much more.

Transport Media

Our innovative transport advertising solutions span everything from bus shelters to mobile billboards, with geographic targeting designed to hit the right audiences across the UK.

Digital Media

Our online marketing services cover all aspects of campaign development and management. Whether paid search or display advertising, we can make sure your clients’ digital efforts are targeted, profitable, and on-brand.

Social Media

Our media planning team can assist your clients with all their paid social marketing, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The Bank Difference


We don’t subject our partners to lock-in contracts or exclusivity agreements. Use our services only as and when you need them.


We offer both white- and grey-label media buying services, allowing you to decide upon the level of discretion that’s required.


After submitting your brief, you can choose to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. Our straightforward service leans on the initiative and expertise of our team.


As a partner of The Bank, you’ll benefit from the full support of our team of experts. Your dedicated account manager will always be on hand for guidance and advice.


Our partners put a huge degree of trust in us to operate and liaise with clients in their name. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, and you can have confidence in our dedication to your values.


We use the most advanced tracking methods and analytical tools to ensure our media buying services are as effective and efficient as possible; as well as to ensure that you can assess the level of returns we’re generating.

White-Label Media Buying You Can Count On

If you think your firm might benefit from our white-label media buying services, contact us today to arrange a consultation.


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