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Media Brokering: Bridging the Gap Between Media Owners and Advertisers

Media brokering services for media owners


If you’re a media publisher looking to streamline the routes of access to your ad space while minimising the amount of unsold inventory in your portfolio, The Bank are ideally placed to represent the needs of your organisation.

Our active client base and extensive lead network are populated with motivated advertisers, ready to utilise your marketing solutions.

Maximise Outreach

Through The Bank’s media brokering services, your company can connect directly with an enormous base of established and credible advertisers, all of whom are looking for the best way to reach their target markets.

Regardless of the focus of your portfolio—whether OOH, DOOH, print, digital or a combination—by coordinating your outreach efforts with The Bank you can:

  • Connect directly with hundreds of receptive and highly motivated advertisers.
  • Promote fresh products, services, and advertising sites, as well as temporary offers or beneficial rates that are set by you.
  • Raise the profile of your media company, encouraging our advertisers to trust in the quality and efficacy of the services you provide.

Minimise Unsold Space

Minimising unsold inventory is one of the key metrics we use to assess the efficacy of our media brokering services. We achieve this aim through the deployment of a few simple—yet effective—techniques:

  • We maintain a deep understanding of our advertisers’ brands and marketing goals. This allows us to recognise and subsequently recommend potential advertising avenues which they might not have considered on their own (and which you as a publisher may frequently find difficult to sell).
  • We link our media brokering clients directly with advertisers who may benefit from advertising at times and locations which see a significant amount of downtime.
  • We provide immediate access to advertisers, allowing us to offer them deals on late available inventory, and assisting in the speedy resale of last-minute ad space.

Who We Can Help

Media Companies

No matter the size or age of your organisation, we are perfectly positioned to expand your reach and target a more diverse base of clients.

For smaller media firms, our media brokering services are designed with scalability in mind, allowing you to sell more of your ad inventory without the need to invest time and money into costly outreach solutions and brand-awareness drives.

Local Authorities

Government bodies and local authorities often find themselves with vast amounts of underutilised—or entirely unrealised—advertising estate.

By partnering with The Bank, you can maximise the amount of populated ad space across your region. What’s more, our unrivalled locality analysis techniques allow us to suggest possible sites and high-footfall locations that could be effectively used to generate new marketing revenue.


For newspapers, magazines, and print publications—particularly those that serve local communities—filling those ad inches can be an ongoing struggle.

At The Bank, we work with a wide range of local and national publishers, assessing their audiences and areas of focus, and connecting them with advertisers who will benefit from advertising to the markets they serve.

Public Transport Networks

Whether you operate a few bus stops across a sleep rural area, or supply your services to major train stations across the country, The Bank can draw upon its advertiser network to find those who will benefit from reaching your ridership.

Property Developers

Hoardings surrounding commercial building projects are not only a legal requirement—they’re a highly effective and easily purposed canvas for marketing messages.

By leveraging your hoardings for advertising purposes, you can offset some of your project costs, with many businesses keen to take advantage of these large-format, high-impact panels.

Property Owners

If you happen to own a property in a prime location, you might be able to utilise our media brokering services to generate an additional income stream.

As a partner of The Bank, we can help you establish whether your property meets the criteria for outdoor advertising, and if so, can connect you with potential advertisers.


The above list is by no means comprehensive, and there are countless possibilities for businesses to generate revenue through advertising.

Perhaps you run a taxi firm, and you’ve noticed an opportunity for in-cab marketing screens? Or maybe you’re a shopkeeper, and wonder whether your POS digital display could be used for product advertising?

If you think you’ve spotted a potential opportunity, our media brokering team would love to hear from you.

Our Methods

At The Bank, we firmly believe in the power of communication. Our advertisers trust us to supply them with a steady stream of only the most effective marketing solutions, and to this end, we primarily rely on three methods of delivery:

  • Direct client outreach based on the opportunities provided by our media owners, but tailored to the specific needs of our advertisers. If we spot an opportunity that might be ideal for one of our advertisers, we’ll contact them directly to gauge their potential interest.
  • Regular email alerts to our advertiser network based on their specific refinement criteria. As one of our partners, you’ll benefit from access to this vast range of advertisers, allowing you to alert them to new sites, offers, and potential areas of opportunity.
  • Lead magnets which are deployed to key advertisers and high-value businesses and marketing agencies. With engaging copy that speaks to the quality of your brand, your inventory, and your service as a whole.

The Bank Difference


None of our partners—media owners or advertisers—are tied to lock-in contracts or exclusivity agreements. Use our services as and when you need them, and leave us at any time.


We provide a sincere and straightforward service to all of our clients and partners, with full transparency of our methods, our fees, and our results.


With a dedicated account manager and access to a full team of media and marketing professionals, you’ll never feel like just a number.


Our media brokering partners put a massive amount of trust in us to liaise with advertisers on their behalf. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, and you can trust us to operate in line with the values of your organisation.

Media Brokering You Can Count On

If you think your firm might benefit from our media brokering services, contact us today to arrange a consultation.


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