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More Sophisticated Access to In-App Inventory

Trend Report 2023: More sophisticated access to in-app advertising inventory

The following is an extract from The Bank’s Trend Report 2023, our deep dive into the events and innovations that are set to shape and characterise online advertising and digital marketing over the next 12 months.

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Part XIV: In-App Experiences Continue to Dominate Mobile Traffic

Perhaps unsurprisingly, global smartphone adoption has levelled out in recent years: from 2016 to 2022, the number of smartphone subscriptions rose from 3.66 billion to 6.57 billion; 2023 should see a modest increase to 6.84 billion, and by 2027 the number is expected to hit an upper limit of 7.69 billion. Whilst demand appears to be softening there remains an undeniable trend toward growth, with manufacturers staking a claim in untapped global markets through lower prices and improved cellular connectivity.

Alongside increased smartphone adoption comes increased app engagement. According to research by Insider Intelligence, app usage now accounts for 88% of the time individuals interact with their mobile devices (this figure rises to 90% when tablets are excluded from the data). For advertisers in 2023 and beyond, the challenge becomes one of how best to reach these consumers at an in-app level.


Increased Inventory

The number of apps available to consumers is staggering, with some 2.9 million populating the Google Play Store, and 4.75 million on Apple’s App Store. These figures are not merely indicative of customer demand for the app experience; for advertisers, they illustrate the extent of ad inventory offered by the medium.

Age Demographics

Whilst app familiarity is fairly uniform across demographics, millennials are particularly adept at utilising an assortment of apps for their specific smartphone activities. 21% of millennials open their apps more than 50 times each day, whilst 73% report shopping via mobile apps 1–4 times per week.  

For advertisers that aim to reach younger demographics, in-app mobile advertising is becoming too big to ignore. Those businesses that want to continue to see success in this area, need to carefully factor it into their overall strategies.

In-Game Advertising

In-game advertising is a fast-growing market, set to be worth some £191.6 billion by 2027 (a CAGR of 7.08% from its 2020 value of £118.7 billion). As development costs increase and product life spans decrease, more and more mainstream game publishers will seek to further monetise their digital properties through in-game marketing.

An imminent example is provided by Roblox, which has announced plans to integrate 3D advertising with its platform at some point in 2023.



Vungle is an ad network which specialises in bringing developers and advertisers together. It offers bespoke solutions for advertisers who want to reach a vast in-app network, with a number of ad modules that boost engagement without impacting on customer experience. 

Significantly, Vungle is also taking major steps to protect advertisers from the upcoming changes to the Android Advertising ID, offering a range of industry-leading contextual advertising solutions built specifically to ease the on-device transition towards privacy. 

Digital Turbine

For brands and advertisers, Digital Turbine’s DT Reach suite offers unrivalled access to in-app and on-device inventory. 

With powerful targeting tools and extremely impressive creative formatting options, the team at Digital Turbine have built a platform that is perfect for driving brand awareness and engagement to users on mobile devices.

We’ll be posting further extracts from the Trend Report 2023 in the coming weeks.

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0. Executive Summary
1. The Proliferation of Incentive-Based First-Party Data Strategies
2. Fresh Solutions for Tracking and Retargeting
3. A Recalibrated Approach to Targeting and Lead Identification
4. More Innovative Methods for Contextual Targeting
5. A Greater Focus on Values-Based Marketing and Consumer Connection
6. Expanded Opportunities for Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home
7. Stronger Programmatic Pathways into Video Ads
8. Reliance on Voice Assistants Heralds a Hands-Free Future
9. Digital Planning for Real-World Implementation
10. Apple Makes Aggressive Moves into Digital Advertising
11. Global 5G Adoption Boosts Programmatic Ad Serving
12. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Do the Heavy Lifting for Planning and Creative
13. A Push for Cohesive Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Experiences
14. More Sophisticated Access to In-App Inventory
15. Stricter Adherence to the Better Ads Standards


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