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Brand Directory 2023

MiQ: Your Programmatic Media Partner

Brand Directory 2023: MiQ

The following is taken from The Bank’s Brand Directory 2023, our deep dive into the marketing tools, performance platforms, and ad networks that we think you’ll need to successfully navigate the eventful year ahead. 

2023 will give us our first tastes of life in a post-cookie world. The challenges are real, but so too are the opportunities—particularly for those brands with the vision, the confidence, and the tools required to take bold steps in a new direction.

To this end, we’ve developed our Brand Directory for 2023. The aim? To equip your team, your department, and your clients with the weapons they need to fight—and to win—the battles which lie ahead. It’s likely that with some of the items on our list you’ll already be familiar; with others, you may not. In either case, The Bank’s expert team of digital marketers are on hand to help you get the most out of them.

To access the full document, along with our experts’ guide to the digital marketing trends that are set to shape 2023, click here

What They Say

“Access the people, the solutions and the partnerships you need to find the insights that drive the business outcomes that matter to you. Then activate them through our expert programmatic traders or in your own activation channels.

Achieve powerful performance for your programmatic campaigns using predictive sciences and customized automation to deliver the outcomes that matter to you.”

What We Say

Programmatic ad buying has led to a revolution in the amount of access SMBs have to TV inventory. No longer the reserve of major corporations, programmatic media has levelled the playing field, giving advertisers of all sizes access to this valuable market. 

Despite this, many businesses find it hard to assess which video advertising platform will give them the best results. Many only offer access to a limited number of supply partners, which can severely limit reach and frequency. Others, meanwhile, are less than forthcoming when it comes to reporting and measuring the success of your campaigns.

Through its Advanced TV software, MiQ connects advertisers with an unparalleled number of supply partners, offering access to diverse and transparent TV inventory across both open and closed platforms. At the same time, its extensive report and analytics tools combine TV data with more than 150 other data feeds, enabling advertisers to develop refined insights that boost reach, engagement, and returns. 

MiQ boasts an impressive client list of global brands—including Samsung, Heineken, PayPal, Sony, and MasterCard—who trust it to deploy effective ad content across more than 100 countries.

Notable Clients

  • BT
  • Heinkeken
  • Littlewoods
  • Mecca
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Sony
  • Pizza Hut
  • Tesco


Does this sound like something you could use to take your brand to new heights? Let The Bank show you how to get started.

At The Bank, we believe that knowledge is the foundation for success. It is an agency’s responsibility to equip clients, business leaders, and yes, even other marketers with the right tools for the right jobs. Contact us today, and let’s do something great together. 

See below for links to every item featured in our Brand Directory 2023. Or, get instant access to the full PDF report here.

1. AdRoll
2. AdSmart from Sky
3. AdvertiseCast
4. Adyoulike
5. Ahrefs
6. Amazon Video Ads
7. Amobee
8. Apple Search Ads / Apple Developer Program
9. Basis
10. Blis
11. Bloomreach
12. Comscore
13. Corvidae
14. Criteo
15. DAX
16. Digital Turbine
17. Evolv AI
19. Google Display and Video 360
20. Google Performance Max
21. GumGum
22. InMarket
23. LinkedIn Advertising
24. Lumière
25. MarinOne
26. Meta Ads Manager
27. MiQ
28. Qualifio
29. Quantcast
30. RevContent
31. Roku OneView
32. RTB House
33. Segment
34. Spotify Advertising
35. StackAdapt
36. Tesco Media and Insight Platform
37. TikTok for Business
38. The Trade Desk
39. Vungle
40. Wunderkind


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