Our challenge for NEFF was to transform the brand within the generally staid and unimaginative area of home appliance marketing. Despite being the No.1 built-in appliance brand in the UK, consumer awareness of NEFF was the lowest amongst its competitors.  There was also a lack of understanding about what the brand stood for and what its personality was.

We were challenged with developing a differentiating brand proposition, a campaign that would stand out and would break away from the “too safe, too similar” category.We repositioned NEFF as the “go to” brand for passionate cooks in the UK by introducing ‘Cookaholics’ – a 360 platform that got under the skin of our target audience.  Cookaholics weigh by hand and measure by eye, they don’t follow cook book recipes, they invent their own.  By developing a new language and visual code for the Bake It Yourself community – the social media arm of the NEFF brand – we could inspire our target audience of foodies and get them talking.We injected colour, vibrancy, excitement and personality into NEFF’s brand world, in ATL advertising and in social media, and saw more than 1.4 million views on YouTube in first 6 months after launch and 500,000 Facebook fans and rising.  Our banner click-through rate is three times higher than the industry average.  By introducing the concept of Cookaholics at trade and consumer events, in ATL advertising and in social media, we have created a passionate, involved, interactive community of passionate cooks – the Cookaholics.