Orange was born April in 1994 when it was a small challenger brand in the mobile telecoms market fighting for its life against giants such as Vodafone. From the day it was first launched Orange stood for something different. It represented a new lifestyle and a new way of behaving. It was more simple, transparent and friendly.

There were three main agencies that brought the Orange brand to life. Wolf Olins, WCRS and The Bank. The Bank worked with Orange for 10 years fundamentally on its internal brand, transforming a growing employee base into an army of brand ambassadors. Through inspirational films to engaging events, from brand guardianship in new launch markets, to international TV and print campaigns, The Bank was integral to the massive success of Orange during those 10 years.

As Founder and CEO Hans Snook said “When they write the book on Orange there will be more than one chapter dedicated to The Bank”.

Our film was Orange’s vision of the future, it was an integral part of the IPO communications that led to the eventual purchase of the brand by France Telecom and created additional value to the brand of circa 1 billion pounds.



“At last corporate film comes of age”