Out of home advertising – or OOH advertising- has the most apt acronym in the world of media. This is because, done right, it really can put the ooh into advertising campaigns.

Out of home is any brand communication delivered away from the house. Typically this can be via outdoor media on roadsides, transport networks and within destinations. Examples of this include, shopping malls, retail centres and sports venues. Here we are talking about high impact, big format media that needs big ideas to be done right.

Out of home advertising in the great outdoors

There are a numerous types of outdoor advertising options to get to grips with. The obvious, like billboard advertising, bus advertising and bus stop advertising tend to be highly visible no matter what roads you travel each day. Extending the transport network theme, tube advertising in the London market and rail station advertising mean that out of home media is hugely visible for the duration of most commuters journeys. This means that brands have huge choice on where to invest their advertising budget.

Format wise, it couldn’t be more different. For instance, 48 sheets are the size which dominates billboard advertising. Whereas it is 6 sheet advertising that is the reserve of bus stops, on street furniture like phone kiosks and prime sites around retail parks. On the public transport networks there are a variety of sizes you’ll be familiar with across bus rears, bus street liners (sides) and above passenger “talkers”. These formats are very much the reserve of bus and tube media opportunities.

Location specific OOH advertising

The rest of out of home advertising options tend to be place based. Locations such as shopping malls and retail centres have a lot of media real estate for sale. This can include, car park locations, fronts of trolleys, vinyls on elevator doors, escalator panels and much more. Additional channels like cinema advertising add to the mix of OOH advertising choices. Plus there’s a wide range of media within gyms, hotels, resorts and various other leisure and mix-use retail environments.

Where outdoor media does tends to be a broad targeting media, location based OOH advertising increasingly allows for much more targeting. This can be performed in numerous ways. It can be based on affinity activities of your target audience. For example, shoppers and those spending disposable income at evenings and weekends. While they’re in the buying mood, out of home advertising can be a great way to convey your brand message with a high degree of impact. Or, targeting can be based off the movement of digital devices. This emerging trend is one which brands should embrace.

The main benefits of in home advertising – such as the targeting ability of digital advertising – is making its way into the world of OOH. As digital panels are becoming much more common, even in smaller towns and cities, they allow for substantial programmatic advertising. The media is agile, unlike the commonplace “2 week” bursts of traditional media. As such, media buys can be in bursts as narrow as the time of day, for just a few days or for very specific event based periods.

Numerous platforms exist to harmonise the targeting you do in digital, by automating the purchase of out of home in line with the physical trends of those people. Typical journeys can be mapped and bought with an unparalleled focus on how your target market are behaving. It’s even possible to change dynamically based on those behaviours.

The Bank believe in Out of Home Advertising. Undoubtedly appealing, it can be a complicated and daunting place for your brand to be. Creative production involves many, varying sizes and media applications. Creative management is needed to ensure the correct message gets to the right media partner – at the right time. Notwithstanding the challenge of converting your brand message so it’s absolutely ready for this media opportunity. Large format shouldn’t mean complicated; and smaller pieces of OOH doesn’t mean reserved. Let The Bank show you what out of home can be doing for you; and what we can be doing for your brand based on our years of experience.