The Bank are a PPC agency. We help brands plan pay per click paid search marketing. Our PPC campaigns run across a wide range of inventory, including Google, Facebook and Bing. Combining an SEO and PPC agency, we start with keyword planning and creative. Creating and scheduling PPC ads comes next as part of our PPC management. Finally we monitor the performance of every ad set while the campaign is live. Done right, PPC is a fast track to rapid success with the right pay per click agency. Clients of The Bank usually combine PPC with SEO, display advertising, remarketing and other digital marketing techniques to get the right level of return on investment.

PPC campaign planning

As a form of paid search marketing, PPC campaigns require a similar style of planning to SEO strategies. They begin with keywords, the search terms used by an individual when using search engines like Google or Bing. Sites like YouTube and large ecommerce sites like Amazon also get a large number of user searches. You can also target these sites with PPC campaigns as well. Unlike search engine optimisation, where content is used to display relevant results for those search terms, pay per click shortcuts that. PPC lets you pay to get your search results at the head of those search result pages.

There are huge differences in the way a user will search for a particular product or service. Sometimes relatively simple search terms can have hundreds of variations. A good PPC agency will support brands by helping them understand that immense variation. Each of the keyword variations should make their way into your pay per click campaign, being monitored to understand which terms convert into sales. And which don’t!

Pay per click creative counts

Although PPC adverts are mostly always text snippets, with a restricted character count, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore creative. Less space, lots of competition and the rapid-fire nature of Google search makes creative hugely important. In short time – and space – you must deliver huge relevance for the searcher, encouraging their click.

This can be done in lots of ways and there are a number of techniques to blend users search intent into compelling copy which prompts action. As The Bank are a creative and PPC agency, we’re able to generate creative messaging that maximises that limited space. Investing to secure the position at the top of search results is only the beginning. Like in all aspects of advertising, it is the creative that makes your message stand out within the sponsored space.

PPC agency management

Setting up effective pay per click campaigns across multiple keywords, creative and networks is hugely complicated. It takes an enormous time investment to get campaigns planned and setup. Even more must be invested to monitor performance and optimise your investment to get results. A PPC agency like The Bank will do this for you at scale, meaning you can maximise results and reduce the administrative cost of managing successful campaigns.

Often we’ll establish and monitor hundreds of ad sets across these networks for our clients. Frequently, we also do this for free with 100% of the PPC advertising budget going on the ads. This is conditional on wider media or creative campaigns being placed at The Bank simultaneously, but is unique to our blend of digital marketing and advertising combined.