The Bank are a digital marketing agency that offer a full range of SEO services to our clients. We can quickly get most clients onto the first 10 pages of Google for competitive keyword terms. Our SEO services are “white hat” – meaning ethical – with long-lasting positive effects. With The Bank, you can fully outsource your search engine optimisation requirements. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO and need us to analyse your requirements, that’s no problem! We’ll be happy to audit your site as part of a digital marketing review.

SEO services

These are the steps that The Bank take with every SEO services client –

Keyword Analysis

SEO optimises your website to be found by users performing search engine queries. Each time a user searches, they’ll use a keyword to do so. As people behave differently, there is a huge breadth to the keywords that will be used. For example, a search for Dentists can easily be Dental Services or even Dentist Service Near Me. They could also be Fix Tooth Pain and other related, but not obvious terms. There can be thousands of possible search terms for even very modest websites – and you should be targeting most of them!

Site audit and review

Understanding your website is key to every SEO services review. There are many technical markers that can influence your performance in search engines and we’ll help you identify how much they may be influencing your site. Things like SSL certificates (website security), speed of page load and the quality of mobile optimisation for small screens are pre-requisites of SEO success – as well as being generally good practice for any website.

If you already have an established website, chances are it will already be ranking in Google for some search terms. We’ll reverse engineer what your site is ranking well for and where it could be doing better. More specifically, we’ll tell you why your competitors are outranking you so we can start to pursue their results and eclipse them. Often your initial passion in setting up your website, or your previous agencies efforts will be doing part of the job. The Bank will exceed them.

Content Building

Content marketing is not necessarily just part of our SEO services, but it is a critical part of the process. If you landed on The Bank website from a search query that’s understandable, we have over 50,000 words across our various pages, each orientated towards a slightly different search keyword. Rather than simply generating these words for the sake of it – it’s the equivalent of a short book – you need to have a clear strategy in mind. Using your keyword analysis, you can plan rich, immersive content across your website which is designed for both the search user and the machine. These are two separate elements of content creation that The Bank can help you navigate.

Building backlinks to your website is a crucial part of SEO. Getting links from credible, authoritative websites acts like “votes” for your pages and site overall. The better quality they are, the more they support your site’s SEO performance. Getting these links can be very challenging but it is possible to gain a really positive network of votes for your site. First your site must be worthy of linking – which is why we approach these SEO services in the order that we do. Your site must be worthy of giving it a backlink. Then The Bank will focus on introducing your site to relevant site owners and influencers so they can support their own content, with yours.

Unfortunately we find many clients who have tried to shortcut this very time consuming process. They’ve bought SEO services cheap and now they’re paying the price. Bad backlinks and practices can really hurt your website – and commercial performance. But everything can be reversed! The Bank SEO services support many websites who have had Google penalties to reverse the damage of poor search engine optimisation and black hat, unethical backlink building.

Alternative Digital Marketing

SEO takes time, which is why The Bank recommend other digital advertising strategies like pay per click, programmatic and remarketing to fast track SEO results. Without question SEO will deliver solid, long term results with high quality website traffic. That said, it can take many months to generate meaningful results for the most competitive of keywords. Digital advertising across Google, Youtube and Facebook – along with several others – can be a harmonious strategy that optimises short term spend and results, with long term goals. It is often part of The Bank’s digital marketing strategy for brands.

If you think The Bank SEO services are something your website needs then get in touch now. We also support ecommerce SEO and specialist SEO for product listings on third party networks like Amazon. Our specialist SEO team will find the right strategy for your objectives and get your site ranking on the first page of Google for your keyword terms.