Social media advertising

Meet your new paid social agency.

The Bank help clients advertise across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tik Tok and more...

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay…

More than half the world’s population (that’s 4.62 billion people) now actively use some form of social media, with 424 million new users signing up for online networking services in the last 12 months alone.

As a marketing professional, you simply can’t afford to ignore the advertising opportunities offered by paid social media. An effective paid social advertising campaign offers:


Reach a huge audience

Reach a huge audience over various social channels, spread across the digital landscape.


Market directly

Market directly to that audience, targeting specific demographic and psychographic criteria.


Create powerful stories

Create powerful, engaging content that not only encourages lead generation, but also builds brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Where to begin?

In spite of the vast number of opportunities and potential benefits of paid social advertising, the practice is notoriously complex.

Neither a simple process nor a strict science; a creative, confident and knowledgeable strategic approach must be taken to all aspects of ad
creation, competitor analysis and audience targeting.

For most individuals and small businesses, accounting for all these elements is time-consuming and inefficient – this is where a paid social agency like The Bank can help!

At The Bank, we believe that retaining a professional paid media team as part of your paid social budget is invaluable. Economies of scale give digital marketing agencies like ours the ability to manage a number of paid search campaigns; by pooling our talent and expertise we ensure the goals of our clients are met, and they are left free to do what they do best: run their businesses!

Still not sure whether a paid social team is right for you? Give us a call today to arrange a chat with one of our social media experts, and in the mean time take a look at our guide to all-things social media advertising.