Bonne Maman’s first major UK TV campaign

12 Apr 2016

The Bank is pleased to reveal its new TV campaign for Bonne Maman, introducing the brand’s new chilled desserts range to the UK.

The campaign centres on a TV ad – created, written, and co-produced by The Bank – conveying a moment of simple pleasure in the home, a family having fun in the kitchen while making a delicious dessert together.

The ad also unveils The Bank-created new brand signature “C’est bon, c’est Bonne Maman”.

Matt Cowley, ECD and CEO at The Bank said: “The ad creates a simple moment of family joy, it transports us to that little piece of southern France that the UK knows and loves so much. Bonne Maman represents all of those simple family values.”

Already a much-loved brand in the UK for its range of conserves, marmalades and compotes, Bonne Maman creates products made from time-honoured French recipes, containing only the finest quality fruit and 100% natural ingredients.

The new dessert pot range includes Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Crème & Raspberries flavours.

The ad will run across TV and VOD for three weeks until 24th  April, 2016, with a second burst planned for May.

A big ‘merci’ to all the team for bringing the dream of southern France and its culinary traditions to the UK.