Marketing agencies don’t understand their client’s needs. They don’t even try. No matter what is said at the discovery meetings or during the pitch, once you sign up, you’re compromising. The Bank is different.

Think you’ve heard it all before? If you’re a brand marketer reading this right now ask yourself this: when was the last time you got a new idea for your business on spec? When was the last new approach that was suggested? How about an idea that wasn’t yours in the first place? The Bank is different.

After twenty years working client side as senior marketers, we couldn’t find an agency that generated the ideas we needed to keep growing. So we made it. Conjuring reliability and transparency, we exist to maximise your marketing investment. We measure and report, unprompted. We want to optimise performance and help you to succeed because our success, is yours.

In an industry where the only currency is the right idea…

We are The Bank

Our ideas provide the creative inspiration to delivery your vision. Our passion for your business and our innovation as an agency is what will retain you as a client for years.

We’re experienced. We’ve been on your side of the desk dealing with shrinking resources and increasing workload. You can’t create because you have to manage. You can’t analyse because you need to react. Your agencies suddenly aren’t fast enough or smart enough to get it. You have to put in all the hours because it all comes down to you.

Not. Anymore.

The Bank isn’t just an advertising agency, or digital marketing agency. It’s not just any agency. Anyone can put words on your screen, call themselves by a cool name and badge it an agency. But an agency – this agency – is so much more.

Understanding your needs

The Bank work on a strategic level with you to grasp client brands inside out. It doesn’t matter if the project is modest or the budget isn’t big. We make it our business to understand yours and we do this on our clock.

Often, even the most experienced marketers don’t quite know what they’re asking for. There is an objective or a challenge, but if you knew the solution you’d ask for it. The only way for any agency to give you truly valuable ideas – the game changers – is to know where you’re coming from and understand your product. Anything else is too little.

Meet the talent bank

We hire the best in their discipline. And that’s it.

Every part of your requirement as a client is answered by having the best human resource at your disposal. We have that in every discipline and where we might need something extra for your project, we find them.

At The Bank it starts with the challenge, evolves to the idea and then it’s all about the people. Where agency staff rotate regularly, we make sure ours stay put through our reward, recognition and investment schemes.

We hire the best talent. We make sure they fully understand the project requirements and then we let their voices be heard. They aren’t just do-ers, they’re contributors. They aren’t just account managers they’re client strategists.

Hyperbole? Put us to the test.

Client focused. Always.

Our ideas win the client. Our renowned client focus is what keeps them coming back.

We offer bulletproof account management for all clients. Our team only work with a handful of accounts curated just for them, so they’re always available to think and act on your behalf. Our account management team don’t work for The Bank – they work for you.

Imagine a day free of chasing things up; or receiving poor work that’s off brief and riddled with errors. Sounds nice doesn’t it? We thought so to, yet it kept happening with every agency we worked with.

Our quality assurance means a pit boss level focus on our output being right for you and your project. The account team drive the rest of their colleagues like it was you walking in between their desks. They know exactly what your project status is, how all the parts need to come together and they make it work.

Food Bank

Valuing our people and creating a place they want to work is one thing. The Bank also believe in creating a community we want to live in as well.

We share our profits with our community – and yours. We want to end food poverty in the areas we operate and donate time and money into making this happen through our commercial endeavor.

Ready for a marketing agency you can believe in? For ideas and follow through that you’ve been lacking? Want to the time back to drive your brand forward through our scalable, dependable talent? I have a feeling that the next email you’ll send could be BIG. We’ll talk soon.