Video production is an essential part of the marketers armoury. Visual mediums like TV are becoming more accessible daily. Outdoor media is gravitating toward digital – a visual outlet. Digital capabilities of websites and social media to display video are substantial. Opportunities to reach people with video on devices and smart TVs are amplifying daily. 

To compete in the space, video needs to be professional, with high production values. It needn’t be complicated or too expensive however. With the right partner by your side, assisting you with key aspects of video production, it can become a completely outsourced creative process. Almost all businesses will find that fabulous video assets are within reach, to capitalise on these channels.

Let’s take a look at some of the processes The Bank can assist you with –

Storyboarding & Scripting

This is where your vision comes together with ours. Often your vision will be one of practical objectives as opposed to visual creativity and what will work great on screen. This is why you see numerous video assets with shots of warehouses and vans delivering products. That may be hugely relevant to some companies, but it isn’t for most. It ends up on the screen because someone lauding the companies many assets came up with it. In the main, your customers don’t care about how impressive your back of house business is. They want to know why your product is great for them right now – solving the problems they face. Many video production companies you can hire will do whatever you say. The Bank fight for the creative side of your brand. We work with Directors and crew who can deliver the vision your customers want to see.

Video Production Planning

There’s a lot goes into any video production shoot (or series of shoots). This includes coordinating talent, crew and your products to ensure everything that’s required at the shoot can be delivered. Beforehand it’s about keeping you close to how your vision is going to come together. Afterward it’s about delivery of the finished edit to ensure you are blown away by the visuals that started on a piece of paper. It’s everything from cost planning  to getting the video assets into the right hands. To achieve this, The Bank draw together everything from motion designers, sound studios and image/audio licensing into the process. We make sure that no stone is left unturned for you.

Location Scouting

Finding the right location that matches your brand values – and campaign aspirations – can be really tough. It’s something that most marketers wouldn’t be able to do easily in-house. The Bank have a network of global locations and many that are much closer to home! We identify these daily via our connections and other great resource like social media. We create a mood board of locations that will form your brands world. Then we secure the rights to use them for the most efficient fees possible. Our location scout formerly worked in major TV and film production so can then bring the identified locations into the production scheduling process to ensure your brand is showcased exactly how you’d like it to be.

Casting in Video Production

Finding the faces for your campaign is essential and it goes way beyond just the pretty faces. We use a network of casting processes to find on screen talent that CAN include models – established names and fresher faces – but is much more likely to be rich, real, authentic characters that your customers can identify with. These people come from all walks of life but we’ll always find the right fit for your brand. Want a famous name? We’re also adept in our conversations with A-C list celebrities to fit your brand perfectly and bring it’s personality to life with theirs. This includes all fee negotiations and subsequent talent management.


The beating heart of any new video creative comes (mostly) in the dark, small hours buried deep inside an editing suite. Talent, visuals, thousands of hours of footage and great locations are only some of the equation. The editors are the ones who deserve the applause and frequently don’t get it. The Bank do get it and we work with some award winning video editors to ensure that the video edit isn’t just a cheap after thought. It’s part of our production planning at the outset and it’s where the phenomenal library of video assets that your brand calls for is going to be crafted and honed.

The Bank supports brands that want to enter video as channel for their marketing – be that TV, digital video streaming or corporate video production. We are a fully outsourced way of creating your vision and bringing into life. If you’ve done some video and are looking to take it to the next level, we can do that for you by getting to the heart of your brand story to place on video before a van or warehouse ever gets shot again!