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Comprehensive Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance services by The Bank: website support and maintenance you can count on


In an ever-changing digital landscape, a finished website is never a finished website. Whether it’s monitoring a site’s performance, staying up-to-date with the latest web standards, or uploading fresh creative content to keep customers engaged, a business website demands constant vigilance and attention.

Frustratingly, even larger businesses find themselves without the time nor the in-house expertise to address these requirements on an on-going basis. That’s where a website maintenance service like The Bank can help.

At The Bank, our digital development team helps to support clients through a range of web maintenance services. From speed optimisation to changing images and creative materials, our support and maintenance packages are designed to keep your company website safe, secure, and online. Whether you’ve just set up a new website or need support for an existing site, you can rest assured knowing The Bank’s dedicated team of engineers will be there to help.

Ready to learn more? Contact our website maintenance services team today. Alternatively, keep reading for our jargon-free support and maintenance guide.

Website Maintenance: The What

Website maintenance is the process of keeping a website up-to-date and running efficiently over time. This includes everything from creating content to troubleshooting technical problems that may arise.

Regular maintenance is vital for ensuring a website remains in good condition and functioning correctly. Something as apparently insignificant as a broken link or outdated content can affect the user experience, leading to lower page views and increased bounce rates. Similarly, a lax approach to security patches can result in malicious attacks, data breaches, or worse.

In short, website maintenance is about making sure the site remains a valuable asset: by spending a little fixing the minor issues of today, you avoid spending a lot fixing the huge issues of tomorrow.

Website Maintenance: The Why

A business should consider website maintenance important for technical as well as marketing reasons. You want to keep your site online, but you also want to make sure it’s generating you the greatest return on your—often substantial—investment.

Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to consider working with a website maintenance company:

Stay Secure

Site security is vital for any business today. A website can be vulnerable to attack from any number of malicious entities, from hackers trying to steal user data to bots looking for weaknesses that can be exploited.

Regular maintenance ensures the latest security patches are installed and applied, helping protect the site—and your customers—from potential cyber criminals.

Stay Functional

The same way your car needs an oil change to keep it running efficiently, your website’s performance needs a regular tune-up to address technical issues that can interfere with functionality.

Regular updates and site audits help to fix performance issues, optimise page speed, and make sure the website is always running at peak efficiency.

Stay Visible

SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital for businesses looking to drive organic website traffic. And search engines are increasingly efficient at sniffing out technical issues that might impact the experience you provide potential clients.

Beyond the technical, website maintenance packages include content updates that allow you to continually improve your search engine visibility. By updating your site with relevant and helpful content, you will see tangible growth in the number of qualified web visitors it receives.

Stay Fresh

Fresh content not only improves your SEO standings; it also helps keep visitors engaged with the site. Outdated content can be a real turn-off, but regular updates will ensure there’s always something new and exciting happening on your website.

New pages, new functionality, and new accessibility options will improve your standing and authority, as well as keep your customers coming back for more.

Stay Profitable

As we mentioned earlier, maintenance cost frequently pales in comparison to the expenses associated with repairing significant issues and security breaches. Website maintenance companies minimise the likelihood you’ll have to face those problems, saving you untold amounts of money and hassle.

Maintenance also helps to ensure your website remains a valuable asset. By keeping it optimised and up-to-date, you’ll be in a better position to increase conversions (and therefore profits).

Website Maintenance: The How

Website maintenance services tend to involve a lot of behind-the-scenes work. It’s not just about keeping the site looking shiny and new—it’s also about making sure everything is functioning as it should.

At The Bank, we break down our website maintenance packages as follows:


The first step is to take a deep dive into your existing setup. Your website maintenance services team will conduct an audit to determine what needs to be done immediately, as well as how long it might take.

Over time, we’ll track the changes made to your website and give you feedback on those results. Using advanced software, we’ll monitor all website activity, allowing us to provide ad hoc support as and when required.


Speed optimisation is vital to ensure a positive service for your users. By fixing broken links, addressing plugin conflicts, and streamlining code, we can make sure your website is running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Security updates, security patches, theme updates and the like mean your website will always be up-to-date with the latest features. Without regular updates, you risk falling behind your competitors—not to mention being at greater risk from cybercrime.

As part of our website maintenance services, we also offer a range of content and creative solutions, allowing you to update the visual elements of your site to keep them user-friendly.


Ensuring your website can be recovered in the event of technical problems, hacks, or other catastrophes is essential (particularly if you want to get a good night’s sleep!) We use industry-leading backup solutions to keep your website safe, secure, and up and running in an emergency.

Website Maintenance: The How (Much)

No matter how successful your business is, keeping costs in line is always a priority. That’s why we tailor all of our maintenance and support packages to the individual needs, requirements, and budgetary restrictions of our clients.

Website Maintenance Plans

As standard, our website maintenance plans include the following:

  • Updates: monthly updates, weekly updates, and even daily updates are available.
  • Security: we offer a range of security solutions, including malware scans and protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Backup: daily or weekly backup schedules can be put in place to keep your data safe.
  • Support: our team is available 24/7 to respond to support requests.
  • Content: we can add new page and content materials as and when you require them.
  • Training: our maintenance staff can offer training and ongoing support to your own team, allowing you to minimise support time in the long term.
  • Development: we can respond to web development requests and implement new features as required.

WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

Alongside our standard maintenance contract plans, we offer several solutions specific to WordPress sites.

  • Maintenance: our WordPress maintenance experts know the platform inside out, and can provide tailored support for your WordPress site.
  • Themes: Our WordPress developers can develop or manage the themes used on your WordPress sites, with an emphasis on performance and security.
  • Support: WordPress websites demand expert WordPress support, and our team is on hand 24/7 to provide it
  • Upgrades: WordPress upgrades require technical know-how, and our team can install and configure the latest versions with minimal disruption

The Bank: Website Maintenance Services You Can Count On

At The Bank, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service to our clients. We understand that website maintenance is a significant investment of time and money, and we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible solutions—guaranteed.

If you’re looking for comprehensive website maintenance services from an experienced team of professionals, look no further. You’ll work with a dedicated maintenance project management team, ready to respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

Contact us today to find out more about our website maintenance services and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your online presence is in safe hands.


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